My Thanks

This is my story, like any other - it is a combination of events, people, external factors, work and personal qualities.

All stories have the same set of components, but their different priority and significance in the overall picture.

There are people who have played a huge role in my development and therefore I will begin my story with them!

My husband is Alexander Vladimirovich.
It was he who in 2009 gave me the site
He is my support and support in all areas of my favorite business and my life!
Thank you

My beloved parents - Yuri Stanislavovich and Lyudmila Alekseevna!
Thank you for believing and supporting me in all your endeavors!
Thanks for the love and care!
Thank you

My brother, Denis Yuryevich - it was you who made the first and most important investment as a gift.
Thank you

Tatyana Rusanova is my first leader in the beauty industry; you were the first to give me an idea to think about your salon back in 2008, when I decided to move from Moscow to St. Petersburg.
Thank you

Tatyana Gadzhiyeva, my client in St. Petersburg, who every month for several years not only visited me, but also constantly motivated me to open a salon and inspired faith in me!
Thank you

Anna Izmailova - business coach, SSE Executive MBA, thank you for the regular instructions on the management and development of personal qualities. For motivation and faith in yourself!
Thank you

I thank all the coaches I have learned from many important points in order to understand how to control and where to swim.

Thanks to our guests and Studio customers for choosing us.
I thank all our employees who have ever worked with us and are working to this day!

Thank you everyone and everyone!
My success story wouldn't have happened without you!
People and a series of random coincidences, this is how my story begins ...

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