Men's hair removal

Removing excess hair from the skin is as natural as brushing teeth. Today hair removal for men becomes more and more popular in beauty salons of St. Petersburg. There are a lot of reasons for this fact. Some representatives of the stronger sex decide to make their skin smooth to please their mates, others have to do this because of the peculiarities of their professions, while somebody just wants to experiment and see himself in a new way.

What is the difference between hair removal for men and for women? Technically, there is no difference. The process of removing hairs occurs on exactly the same technology. It must be said that hair follicles in men are located deeper than in women, and the hairs themselves are usually thicker. However, the removal of hair in men is performed using the same methods and with the same result. After the procedure, the skin also becomes soft and smooth, but the hairs grow more quickly than in women. This is due to male hormones.

Many men shy away from this procedure because it is considered to be too painful. In fact it is not. Of course, there are some unpleasant feelings, but they are quite bearable. But for the most sensitive areas, softer products for removing hairs are used.

Pubic hair removal for men is usually performed using sugar paste for coarse hair. It perfectly captures all the hair, so that the skin becomes smooth after the procedure. Bikini hair removal for men is lately in great demand because many people like the effect of the procedure. And the effect is usually really stunning. In general, pubic hair removal helps spouses look somewhat different at each other.

Both sugaring and waxing are very popular among men. This kind of hair removal is also used in areas with less sensitive skin: arms, legs, chest, and back. It provides smooth skin during the two weeks after the procedure.

Before male hair removal, make sure there are no contraindications:
inflammatory skin diseases, herpes, varicose veins, diabetes, high body temperature – in case of such diseases male depilation is contraindicated.

Attractive appearance is very important for men, almost as it is for women. It was previously thought that men should be only a very little nicer than monkeys are, today everything is different. Today those men are popular, who care for their appearance. And if the excess of hair on the body is not included in the idea of beauty, ordinary and pubic hair removal for men will help. Professionals can help you to completely change your style and image, getting rid of excess hair and achieving smoothness and beauty of the skin. Now, a man who knows how to take care of himself is seen from afar.


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