Shugaring in St. Petersburg

Professional shugaring by competent professionals on Vasilyevsky Island, Primorskaya metro station.

Алёна Ковалькова - основатель студии шугаринга

Studio founder
Alena Kovalkova

The current sugaring master and technician since 2006. Is one of the industry pioneers in St. Petersburg. All the Studio professionals are carefully selected. They complete additional training, correction or enhanced training by Alena Kovalkova personally. Therefore, we are 100% confident in the work quality performed by our sugaring masters.

«My specialists are individuals, professionals and have their own sugaring signature! But they have one thing in common – their love for profession and eagerness to provide services of unparalleled quality»

Yours, Alena!

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About sugaring

Sugaring is one of the most efficient and safe methods of hair removal as of today.

The procedure technique performed by a professional combined with application of professional products will make your skin smooth for a long time.

To maintain or enhance your skin state, follow your specialist’s recommendations, since team work only can provide really astonishing results.

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Sugaring master

Why trust us

комфорт шугаринга
  • Spacious rooms
  • Comfortable couches
  • Safe and enhanced sugaring materials
  • Professional treatment
Качество шугаринга
  • Compliance with the sugaring procedure protocol from start to finish
  • We spend exactly as much time on the procedure as required in every particular case
Рекомендации шугаринга
  • You will surely receive personal recommendations for taking care of your skin to maintain its beauty and smoothness as long as possible

Masters of the studio!

салон в Санкт-Петербурге
11 years
salon in St. Petersburg
Опыт и практика
19 years
of experience and practice
diplomas and certificates

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Мастер эпиляции сахаром

Sugaring at our salon

Our specialists undergo enhanced training at least 2-3 times a year or participate in up-to-date master classes. Thus, we constantly keep our ear to the ground and stay in step with the time.

Sugaring at our salon takes exactly as much time as it is necessary in each particular case to receive a perfect result and stay in high spirits all day long.

The Studio services are popular among girls and women, boys and men, young mothers and those being in this blessed condition.

Sugaring contraindications may be as follows:

  • abrasions, scratches, skin damage at the sugaring area;
  • sun burns;
  • neoformations;
  • temporary medical prohibition.

Within 24 hours after the sugaring procedure it is NOT recommended:

  • sunbathing;
  • visiting fitness, sauna, or pool;
  • using self-tanning creams.

The rest of recommendations will receive after the procedure.

We look forward to seeing you among our regular clients:)

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